David's Pot Lid Gallery

I grew up in a very small town about 60 miles from Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, and started collecting bottles in about 1972, after my younger brother got into the hobby. I was his driver because he was too young to drive at the time, and initially, we started digging for old bottles and pot lids together. I did more so to assist him, basically giving him anything that was found.

 After a few months, however, I decided that it would be nice to start my own collection, which started a bit of sibling rivalry, especially after digging a few pot lids where my interest in their design and craftsmanship grew. This was essentially the beginning of my long-lasting obsession and enthusiasm, which to this day is just as strong.

 One only has to look at the work and different types of pictorial designs, artistry, and of course, the products that were held in these pots, which created this natural progression towards this contagious collecting enthusiasm I have had for many years. The collecting direction was an easy choice based on this criteria, and it was decided that this was going to be my collecting specialty.

 Collecting pot lids was always relatively slow (especially any digging finds) in adding to the collection until eBay started. Since then, I have added many new lids to my collection. Additionally, through the internet and forums, I have been lucky to have made contact with quite a few collectors from overseas and have also added quite a few international pot lids through these private contacts.

Wanted to Buy!

John is constantly on the look out for quality items. If you have any items at all that may be of interest or similar to the items pictured on this page, please contact him. Or alternatively, if you would like a free appraisal he would only be too happy to oblige.
I have a particular liking for American Pot Lids and am always interested in purchasing any items that I do not have in the collection. Especially after pictorials items. I am also chasing Pictorial Pot Lids from Australia , U K and any other Country.

Magnificent "Washington Crossing the Delaware " Pot lid complete with base. Circa 1860's

Glen & Co Genuine Beef Marrow. A very rare item from Philadelphia. A prominent area for Pot Lid users. C 1860's

Jules Hauel won acclaim at the 1851 Great Exhibition. This pot lid depicts the Houses of Parliament in the London. Circa 1855

Sample of some American Lids

The very rare Longmore's Cherry Tooth Paste often referred to "The Gladiator" Pot Lid

Some Australian Pot Lids

Superb early and extremely rare L T Piver Almond Cream Pot Lid & Base

Some International Pot Lids

Some British Pot Lids