The Antique Pot Lid Collector

The Antique Pot Lid Collector was created by John Foumakis and David Treloar, specialist collectors who have a very broad knowledge in Antiques, Fine Arts and Collectables spanning a total of over 100 years. John specialises in muti-coloured printed pots and lids commonly referred to as Pratt types and David specialises in advertising pots and lids.


The site was conceived because of the very absence of information pertaining to the collecting of Antique Pot Lids. This form of container represented one of the pinnacle product marketing components throughout the 19th Century and up to the Edwardian period. Many of the decorative styles and their design, can be traced throughout this period and creates a unique insight or window if you like, into the social and environmental lifestyle of the populous worldwide.

John is not only a collector but can assist you in making an informed decision whether you decide to sell or purchase an item.

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John is constantly on the look out for quality items. If you have any items at all that may be of interest or similar to the items pictured on this page, please contact him.                           Or alternatively,if you would like a free appraisal he would only be too happy to oblige.      Fill in the fields below or use the following email.                                                                                                         Email:
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