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Very rare 1840's Hendrie's Bears Grease Advertising mirror that may have once been proudly displayed in a Barber's Shop

About Us

The Antique Pot Lid Collector was created by two specialist collectors who have a combined expertise spanning over 70 years. They are namely

Andrew Alsop  specialises in Bears Grease pot lids and all Pharmaceutical items. Including bottles Page 1

John Foumakis  specialises in muti-coloured printed pots and lids commonly referred to Pratt types. Page 2

Our Work

The site was conceived because of the very absence of information pertaining to the collecting of Antique Pot Lids. This form of container represented one of the pinnacle product marketing components throughout the 19th Century and up to the Edwardian period. Many of the decorative styles and their design, can be traced throughout this period and creates a unique insight or window if you like, into the social and environmental lifestyle of the populous worldwide. 

The two collectors mentioned are not only collectors but can assist you in making an informed decision whether you decide to sell or purchase an item.

We invite you to contact them with your enquiries.

Preview of some of the pot lids depicted in Andrew and John's Gallery. Please click the index located at the top of this page
Bay of Naples Shaving Paste
Superb Truefitt Bears Grease Pot Lid

Wanted to Buy

Andrew and John are constantly searching for items to further their collections. If you have any pot lids, pharmacy items or old paste jars please contact them. Kindly take a moment to have a look by clicking at their individual pages in the left hand column index to determine who is interested in the article you wish to sell.

Antique Pot Lid Collector