Very rare Aqua variant regarded as one of the most desirable
of the Warner's Safe Cures
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Andrew is constantly on the look out for quality items. If you have any items at all that may be of interest or similar to the items pictured on this page, please contact him. Or alternatively, if you would like a free appraisal he would only be too happy to oblige.

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Andrew's Pot Lid & Pharmacy Items
I have been collecting for over 30 years, my parents collect antiques, and I spent many weekends as a young child running around at house sales in UK whilst they purchased treasures. My brother fossicked for old bottles as a teenager growing up in UK. So the collecting bug was genetically strong in me.

My brother collected advertising pieces , mainly whisky related items, and I had some interest in this area early also. When I started my Pharmacy degree I remember my Mum giving me a Gosnells toothpaste pot lid for a birthday and for obvious reasons I started to collect mainly Pharmacy related items, although I also collected WA bottles and advertising items. I also started to dig old tips with a couple of blokes who knew what they were doing.

 The collection grew at a fairly rapid rate, and I found my interest in Pharmacy Antiques outgrow the other areas, and many of the other bottles (including an expansive WA milk bottle collection) and advertising pieces were sold or traded to expand what has now become a passion. The house I live in was built around a bottle room, set up internally but with double doors and a timber "shop" window to replicate an old Pharmacy.

Whilst I still buy the odd unusual item that is not Pharmacy related such as Bellarmines, saltglaze advertising pieces and some WA bottles. My main focus is Pharmacy, and even this has started to become a little specialised in that I have a passion for Bears Grease pot lids, Warner's Safe Cure bottles, poisons and chemist rounds, and anything related to WA Chemists (I have over 300 different named embossed WA chemist bottles) In total there are over 3000 individual items that relate to Pharmacy, including roughly 300 pot lids of which over 100 are Bears Grease, 50 Warners bottles, well over 500 Chemist rounds and the same number of miscellaneous poisons and bottles many with original labels.

I have roughly 30 bits of blue and white chemist related pieces, predominantly baby feeders dating from the 1820 to 1850s, and many eye baths, advertising tins, treen items and over 200 ceramic chemist jars, and the list goes on.

I am always looking to add to my collection especially the rare or unusual, and always focusing on Bears Grease items, Warners Safe Cure Bottles, and WA Chemist related items
Some Bears Grease Pot Lids & Pharmacy Items
Very rare multi-framed border Ross & Sons' Bears Grease London
Raimes & Co Bears Grease Edinburgh, York & Liverpool
Very rare Green Warner's Safe Nervine. These bottles came from the same location and were previously unrecorded
Collection of various Pharmacy related items

Bears Grease Pot Lids

 Two very rare original watercolour studies by Pratt's chief engraver and employee Jessie Austin.  Austin would paint a scene, which would be subsequently engraved and then transferred on to the china clay. The scenes depicted are "Bears at School" & "Shooting Bears" These would have been shown to intending customers. The watercolours were collected originally by the late George Lambert in the 1920's from the Pratt factory

Very rare Staffordshire figure advertising Low & Son Bears Grease. These were used as a shop display

Western Australian Pot Lids

Pharmaceutical or Chemist Related Items

Pharmacy or Chemist related Bottles